Time to Buy Bitcoin?

July 9, 2019


First, let’s start with a question -Do you hold any Bitcoin?


If the answer is no – then the road ahead is simple -

Only buy crypto once you’ve researched it and have some basic understanding of the tech.


After that, if still interested - buy some Bitcoin.


Do not pass go and buy XYZ crypto.


Don’t run off to the charts (you likely only vaguely understand) and try to read the technical tea-leaves -buy a small BTC position when you feel comfortable doing so and hold it for the long-term.

This is the calculated risk you would be taking:


a) BTC succeeds in becoming an at scale player on the world financial scene.

If a) then value of BTC = unknown but orders of magnitude higher than its current valuation (12k approx.).


Review the Bitcoin Historical Chart (2015-2019) - What pattern do you see?



To date, BTC has rewarded buyers and holders.


The Downside


b) BTC fails to gain traction or is superseded (much further into the future) -value falls to negligible level (sub $1000).


Effectively a binary outcome.


BTC will either become a recognized store of value and attract a piece of the global financial pie, its scarcity guaranteeing exponential return on investment or it won’t and will wither to naught.


All your capital is at risk.


The whole lot.


So, don’t bet the farm but do invest a small amount of disposable income in an asset that holds the promise of wild returns (once you feel you understand it at some level).

All Cryptos are not Created Equal





Critically – XYZ cryptos are not in the same position. Without exception, they are still in proof of concept phase. It’s all promise…


Many of them will succeed and yet accrue little value to the token.


Many, many more will fail. A select few will forge ahead and also accrue substantial value but picking these winners as a new investor is largely unnecessary – the champ is right here- right now - Bitcoin.


And……should BTC itself fail – the door slams shut on almost all of these endeavours -their very existence hinges on Bitcoin.


The relationship is not reciprocal -each and every Alt can fail without affecting the store of value proposition of BTC.


So, if you have still to take that first step – do yourself a favour and ignore the punters bleating of the great riches to be found with XYZ and invest in the crypto most likely to deliver - Bitcoin.


Lastly -invest -means a multi-year horizon – even better a multi-cycle horizon 10 years or more. Sure, with time and experience you may finesse your interaction with the crypto market but start simple and go from there.


Read This


It’s your money – you worked for it – it was hard to acquire – don’t let the greedy monkey inside your head convince you to ‘over-invest’ in BTC or any crypto. Take your time and research Bitcoin and the market in general first. Only after a period of learning, and reflection should you purchase crypto. Always remember – high risk is not a concept – there is a high percentage chance of you losing everything you invest.





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