Is Ethereum a Good Investment?

July 3, 2019



If Bitcoin is the reigning King of the cryptosphere then Ethereum is the Queen. While BTC currently accounts for over 60% of the total crypto market cap – Ethereum at 10% is clearly the next most important player with a valuation of over 30 billion dollars. The project has not been spared by the bear having once reached the lofty heights of over a $135 billion market cap. Then again, at its recent lows, Ethereum had sunk to just over $9 billion.


Leaving aside price considerations for the moment, after Bitcoin, Ethereum is the crypto project most likely to be known by non-crypto enthusiasts. It is almost certainly the second port of call for any new entrant to the market. Across almost any metric you wish to consider, it is the pretender to the throne. In terms of market capitalization, brand awareness, active developers, and engaged community, it is leagues ahead of the competition. However, given all these advantages is Ethereum a good investment?


Let’s dive in.


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