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April 9, 2019




Crypto’s Meta Brain – Twitter


Like it or loathe it Twitter is the place where the narrative of cryptoverse lives and breathes. Projects make announcements through it, adherents of cryptos battle it out and each and at some point, every idea underpinning blockchain receives an elegantly crafted Tweetstorm and equally lovingly crafted counter argument. Less tech focused than Reddit and also somewhat more civilized; Twitter is simply put, crypto’s ‘Meta Brain’.


Of course, like any other community platform there’s a sea of dross and foolishness to wade through to find those whose insights you might benefit from.   Buy this, sell that, trade this, DM for the next great thing, BCash whatever to the moon and on and on the rubbish flows. However, with a bit of net trawling and a lot of time it is possible to build a highly valuable database of folks to follow.


Over time I’ve curated a list that attempts to balance the need for raw information with the wish to be stimulated, informed and challenged. Hence some of the people in my Twitter feed express opinions that I disagree with but which nonetheless help me remain engaged, informed and learning.


I follow over 100 projects but other than promo material and announcements I rarely find much to linger on. Far more interesting are the characters and personalities fleshing out an incredibly broad range of crypto concepts and ideas. This multi-discipline smorgasbord of competing and complimentary narratives is truly fascinating.


General Crypto:


Alex Saunders

Need hype free – knowledge backed news?


Joseph Young

Knows the market and the players who comprise it.


Anthony Pompliano

Steady source of updates and generally useful opinions.


Ari Paul

Student of everything and it shows. Measured in views.


Nathaniel Whittemore

Wide-ranging interest in many areas of crypto


Crypto Bobby

Healthy engaged market skeptic


The Crypto Lark

Good heart, connected to many crypto projects.


Andrea M. Antonopoulos

Font of code wisdom specializes in BTC and ETH


Spencer Bogart

Crypto entrepreneur and investor


The CryptoMonk

Market engaged participant



Curating quality crypto content




Murad Mahmudov

‘Bitcoin not Blockchain’ Whether you agree with him or not – full of insightful crypto perspectives.


Nic Carter

Bitcoin maximalist. Sharp as a whip. Interesting thinker


Satoshi’s Di-Vision

Sharp wit, sharp mind, sharp tongue


Matt Odell

Cogent bitcoin maximalist


Dan Hedl

Finger on the pulse of BTC


Pierre Rochard

Bitcoin advocate – counterfoil to Altcoin hype




Thomas Cox –

EOS Alliance – always interesting


EOS Dublin

Very active – offers a lot of EOS insights and announcements




Dan Larimer

EOS Founder – Not very active but of course worth it when he does post.


Charles Hoskinson

ADA Founder – active on Twitter


Vitalik Buterin

Co-Founder of Ethereum – Issues occasional tweetstorm


Jackson Palmer

Creator of Doge Coin – risk aware and hype allergic:




Nick Szabo

Key smart contracts pioneer – rightwing views but what are going to do?


Richard Heart

We al need a bit of crazy from time to time.


Tim Draper

Billionaire, early crypto advocate.


Jim O’ Shaughnessy

Businessman with wide-ranging interests.


Cedric Dahl

Long-time crypto investor with successful business track record. Original thinker.


The Stoic Emperor

As the title says – original stoic meditations – useful for crypto investors seeking calm.


Farbod Sharaf

Interesting take on a wide-range of subjects


Morgan HouselFinance a specialty


Technical Analysis


TIMM - bringing together a talented team of market analysts (across a range of markets):


Workin2005 knowledgeable, measured, and risk aware analysis:


Bitbrain - big ideas, lots of talent to back it up:


Crypto Snuff - this dog knows a thing or two:


Alessio Rastani - multi market focus - broad market awareness:


Tough-love trader:



Who have I missed? Looking forward to your suggestions folks. Of course, I’d love to see you join me on my Twitter channel: @GordonBuckley3








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