The Sunday Recap - Down the Rabbit Hole 18

March 2, 2019

What can I say, things haven't slowed down this week. Its been a steam-roller of news, narratives, and tech developments. Fun to dig into but very time consuming. This week, I'm adding a new feature - Pick of the Week. If you only have time for one piece of crypto 'insight' I recommend you check out the weekly pick.


Pick of the Week

If you do nothing else checkout this week's podcast. A Human Right's Perspective on Bitcoin - With 52% of the world's population living under authoritarian regimes Bitcoin and blockchain are of immense importance to our future freedoms.



Let's start light:




BTC as a hedge against a cashless future:


KuCoin has been a bad actor it would (clearly) seem:


Neutrino recently acquired by Coinbase has a worrying history it would seem:


General thoughts from some-one who always has some insight to offer:




In-depth analysis of blockchain's impact on global systems (recommended):


For a look into the numbers for 2018 by Investment firm Grayscale (highly recommended):


The flaws of crypto market capitalisation:


Unpacking Asset-backed tokens (recommended):


An example of AI training (non-crypto):




A Human Rights perspective on Bitcoin (highly recommended):





A brief technical examination of the Bitcoin transaction process:


Should EOS holders be excited?:


A double hitter for EOS this week - Mega Update 19 (recommended):



Website / Utility


A great site to connect with expert-grade, actionable information on markets in general including crypto:


Hope you enjoyed your rummage around the cryptoverse. As always, looking forward to your comments and suggestions.



Note on Sources:


Twitter & Reddit (cryptos current meta-brains) / Medium / Trybe / Hackernoon / Whaleshares / TIMM and so on/ YouTube / various podcasts and whatever else I stumble upon. The aim is a useful weekly aggregator of ideas rather than news. Though I try to keep the sources current – I’ll reference these articles and podcasts etc. as I encounter them – they may have been published just a couple of days ago or in some cases quite a bit earlier.


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