Sunday Recap - Down the Rabbit Hole 6

December 8, 2018


Time to drag our eyes away from a sea of red and focus instead on the wider and ultimately more important developments in the cryptoverse.  In some ways this weekly recap writes itself- I find myself increasingly engaged in a rear-guard cutting action. Editing out rather than levering in. There's just so much to a week in crypto. To those of you who find these recaps a tad too long - feel free to skim. As it is, this is a truly 'condensed' version of the last weeks narratives, themes, ideas, and events.


As usual, I’ve selected the articles etc. because I found them enlightening, compelling or challenging in some fashion. I don’t necessarily agree with the sentiments of each Tweet or article but aim to provide a door into the competing narratives that comprise crypto.




The SEC won't have it all it's own way when it comes to ICO's:


Need a dash of 'it's going to get a lot worse'? Here you go:


Similar but very different - Investing concept pairs:


Why people buy crypto:


A lot to learn here / non-crypto specific but applicable nonetheless;


Harsh take on not having a plan:


A balance most of us struggle with:



Improved consensus model?


Some tough love for crypto investors:


The definition of property may be about to change:


Crypto as a means to liberty and justice for all:



BTC resilience by design:


Central banks now own staggering levels of government and private debt (Recommended reading):






Accessible outline of fund raising procedures and processes in the US from IPO's to ICO's.







 Global Banking cartel - Anton Antonopoulos:








Comparing Smart contracts v Traditional contracts (bias obvious).


Increasing pace of technology adoption in the modern age:



Website / Utility


Coindar - a calendar of upcoming events for the cryptosphere - very useful, especially for noting main net launches etc. well ahead of time:


And there you have it – this week’s ideas recap. Let me know what you think – all comments, recommendations, and critiques welcome.



Note on Sources:


Twitter & Reddit (cryptos current meta-brains) / Medium / Trybe / Hackernoon / Whaleshares and so on/ YouTube / various podcasts and whatever else I stumble upon. The aim is a useful weekly aggregator of ideas rather than new. Though I try to keep the sources current – I’ll reference these articles and podcasts etc. as I encounter them – they may have been published just a couple of days ago or in some cases quite a bit earlier.





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